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"Why Do You Follow Him?"

Last week in my Sunday school class, we watched a clip from the movie Risen. In the clip, Clavius, who a Roman officer, has seen the risen Jesus with his own eyes. The focus of the movie is on how he comes to believe in the resurrection, and in his decision to leave all and follow Jesus. The movie is fictional – nobody by the name of Clavius is mentioned in the Bible. But there is one particular scene that is very thought provoking. Clavius is together with Jesus’ disciples, and is asking questions. Finally, he asks the disciple at his side this question: WHY DO YOU FOLLOW HIM?

The scene changes to show Jesus heal a man with leprosy. Whereupon, the disciple responds, “THAT’S WHY.” And, it’s obvious why someone would follow Jesus as He healed, and performed wonders. The disciples saw the miracles, and witnessed his love, and his resurrection. They had first-hand experiences that convinced them that Jesus was the one to follow. But the experiences are not the same now. You and I rarely, if ever will see a miracle like that.

So I wonder, WHY DO YOU FOLLOW JESUS? If you were asked why you believe in Jesus, and why you try to be a Christian, what would you say? After all, many of us spend a lot of time, and give our money, and our time as we practice our faith in Jesus. Why do we follow? Why do we believe the story of His resurrection, and His work in us is true? As I thought about this question, I came up with at least 4 main reasons why I FOLLOW JESUS. Here are my reasons – at least some of them.

#1 – The Evidence of the resurrection. The tomb was empty. Those closest to Jesus continued to follow and believe, even giving up their lives as Jesus’ followers. Four Gospels were written proclaiming Jesus’ and His resurrection. Men and women died for their belief in Jesus – why would they die for something Untrue? The Church grew and prospered, in the hostile environment of Jerusalem (where He had been killed, and where His enemies ruled).

#2 – I follow Jesus because of the witness of believe rs through many generations. The Church still stands as a witness of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. Despite the Church’s many sins and hypocrisies, the main message is still that He Is Alive. I grew up in church, where parents, and leaders, and pastors told about Jesus. I remember people who taught me as a young person about Jesus’ love and mercy. I watched people who lived out their faith in Jesus. Their witness gave me an example of why, and how to follow Jesus.

#3 – In the Gospel of John there is a scene when some of Jesus’ followers stopped following. Jesus then asked his closest disciples “will you also go away?” Simon Peter answered him, "Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” John 6.68. I follow Jesus because in many ways, where else would I go to have any hope, or peace, or answers? There are many other religions – but none promise eternal life and God’s loving presence. Only Jesus does. There are other sources of wisdom, or of intellectual knowledge – but these all lead to death, and loss, and nothing else. I follow Jesus because He offers so much more than I can ever imagine.

#4 - I follow Jesus, because He has been my rock, and my fortress through my life. His presence has been there all along the journey of my life. Through times of change, or of loneliness, or of difficult decisions“ it seems obvious to me that Jesus' hand has guided. Through heartaches - He has given strength and peace. When it has been time to move, or to grow, or to lead He has been at work. I see His hand in the divine appointments and in the answered prayers.

I could go on and on. But, instead I will ask you the question. WHY DO YOU FOLLOW HIM? I hope you might consider how you will respond when
someone asks you why.





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