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"Think, Act, Be Like Jesus"

We began our Believe journey way back in September. During these past few months we have been learning what it means to THINK, ACT, AND BE more like Jesus. The first leg of our journey dealt with “What Do I Believe?” Thus we focused on several key doctrines of our faith: Who is God, He is a Personal God, Salvation, the Bible, Our Identity in Christ (we are sons and daughters of God), the Church, Humanity (in need of redemption), Compassion, Stewardship, and Eternity. The first five lessons focused on our relationship with God, the second five on how we live and share life with others.

Leg two of our Believe series helped us look at actions we need to take as believers in Jesus. The upward actions we take involve things like: worship, prayer, Bible study, Single-mindedness, and total surrender to Jesus’ lordship. Our faith needs to also be acted-out in our relationships with others. So we learned about Biblical community, spiritual gifts, offering our time, giving our resources, and sharing our faith. As we learn to think like Jesus, and act like Jesus, the goal is that we will become more like Jesus. Therefore, we have been striving to be more like him lately. As we become more like Jesus we will be seen as more loving, more joyful, persons who are peaceful, and self controlled. Being more like Jesus will show itself in our patience, and our goodness. We will be kinder, and gentler, and people who are faithful to their promises, and who are faithful in their walk with Jesus, and with others.

Humility is also characteristic of a believer in Jesus. Humility ensures that the rest of the fruit of our lives is genuine. It is amazing to look back at all we have learned, but also discouraging to think about how much we still need to grow and change. There is much more thinking, acting, and becoming to be done. Trying to gain in all of these 30 different areas at the same time is impossible for most of us.

Therefore, I encourage you to do a little review. Which of these 30 lessons describe areas of your spiritual walk with Jesus that you need to focus on most? Maybe you could ask a few others, about this?
Once you have gained a vision of one or two ways you’d like to be more like Jesus, then perhaps you can begin working on your strategy. What specific actions might make you more loving, or kind, or more prayerful, or generous, or whatever trait you are seeking to improve? What are some thoughts or actions that might help you move more in Jesus’ direction? After the vision and the strategy, comes the moving out! The first step in any journey is often the most important! And, fortunately we are not left on our own to fend for ourselves, and find our own way! The Lord provides us with the Holy Spirit, who guides, inspires, corrects, and motivates us. How is He leading you? Trust Him to help! So as we complete this Believe Series, let it be a time to reflect on things we’ve learned, but also a time to continue our personal journeys to become more like Jesus.




Our Service is a blend of traditional and contemporary. We sing traditional hymns and worship choruses. A message based on readings from the Bible is also shared each week.

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