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"I Believe"

I believe the God of the Bible is the only true God- Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I believe God is involved in and cares about my daily life. I believe a person comes into a right relationship with God by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ. As I write this newsletter article, we are on week three of our Believe journey. This journey is meant to help us know what we believe and why it matters. This journey is intended to help us move from things we believe and know about God, to acting on what we believe. Our beliefs should affect how we act, and what we do– or we don’t really believe them. As well, acting on our beliefs will motivate us to become more like the person we wish to be– more like Jesus! After all believing in Jesus led his first disciples to act like Jesus, and to eventually become followers who were willing to serve and even give their lives to be like him.

In our world we will encounter those who “don’t believe in God.” Others will want to claim that other gods of other religions are the same as the God of the Bible. But the God of the Bible is not the same as the god of the Koran, or of the religions of the middle east. Our culture loves “science fiction” and other fictions which depict Hercules, or other Greek gods. We see the media depict gods of Egypt, or of the occult. These movies and media are obviously fictional and those who watch them know it. But, sometimes viewers may also become blind, or numb to the truth of the One True God. Perhaps they view Him as a fictional– mythical character also? Thus they begin to think, act, and become persons who deny the reality of God.

Not only do I believe that the God of the Bible is the only true God, but I also believe He is a personal God. I believe that He wants to be involved in our daily lives. He is great enough to rule this mighty universe, yet small enough to reign within our hearts. The Bible tells us that God is good– all the time. Even in those times when we hurt, and when our faith is tested, and when we don’t understand what He is doing – the Bible says that His steadfast love endures forever. The Bible tells us that our “help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.”
If I believe that God cares about me and is involved in my daily life, and if I believe He is good, and loves me– then I don’t have to be afraid of Him, or of life’s circumstances. Even in the most difficult of trials I can have confidence that though the path takes me through “the valley of the shadow of death,” I don’t need to fear. Why? “Because He is with me.”

As we continue our Believe journey we will be adding to the foundation stones of our spiritual beliefs. We will be addressing issues like: what do we believe about the Bible, and about the Church, and about eternity, and many others. I hope this journey will guide you to become more and more like Jesus, and more and more confident of His amazing love for you!




Our Service is a blend of traditional and contemporary. We sing traditional hymns and worship choruses. A message based on readings from the Bible is also shared each week.



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