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"I Believe"

Since we began our Believe Journey back in September, we have been dealing with things that we think, and spiritual principles that we understand with our minds. It is important to know what Christians believe, because our beliefs and our values affect our actions.
Thus we have examined what Christians believe about God, and about the personal relationship we can have with Him. We have learned about our need for the salvation that only comes through Jesus Christ. We have looked at how God sees us, and about how we should see one another.

What we believe and are convicted about affects the rest of our lives. The Bible mentions this in several places. Proverbs 4.23 says, “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Luke 6.45 says, “The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of the heart his mouth speaks.”
These and other scripture passages tell us how things like our character, or our speech, or our faith, or our goodness or evil, are all determined by what we believe.

As we will be reading in Believe chapters 6-10, our beliefs about our relationship with God will also affect our relationships with others around us. So we are taking a look at what we believe about humanity. We wonder “why does the world seem so broken?” and we discover that sin is at the root of our problems and brokenness. We will be looking also at how we need to respond to our broken world with compassion and love, not with judgment and indifference. Jesus teaches that just as He loves us, so we must love one another.

So what we believe about God’s calling for us regarding compassion, or our attitude towards broken people, or others around us, will likely be the proof of what we really believe about God. Our beliefs affect our actions! If we believe that God intends to use the church to share his message of love and redemption – then we are likely to join Him in this mission.

So how’s your heart?: anxious or peaceful; arrogant or grateful for grace; happy or focused on the broken things? What is coming forth from deep inside you? What are your actions and words telling about your heart? We all have growing points! As we continue with our Believe Journey, I hope you will take time to examine your words and actions. For they are likely to be the fruit of what your deep convictions, and your closely held spiritual values are. I also hope you will not just give up and say, “I’m only human – so I can help myself.” Because Jesus can help us change. He can heal our brokenness. He is a Savior who restores, and redeems. Numerous examples exist in the New Testament, and in modern life, of persons whom God has restored and transformed.

One big goal of our Believe Journey is that God will work in us changing, and transforming us, and making us into men and women who reflect Christ – through our love, our words, and our actions. May we be open and ready for His work in us!




Our Service is a blend of traditional and contemporary. We sing traditional hymns and worship choruses. A message based on readings from the Bible is also shared each week.



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