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"Do You Like A Good Mystery?"

Do you love a good mystery? Many people do! They love to solve the puzzle, or figure out who committed the crime. They love to fix that broken thing, or “get to the bottom of things.” Life is filled with mysteries. Some are not so pleasant. We ask, “now where did I put that?” Or, “is this pain I’m feeling something serious?” My son Ryan and his wife Annie, are brand new parents. With a new little girl, the mysteries are abundant. “Why is she crying?” “Is she hungry, or cold, needing a change, or just wanting to be held?”

Some mysteries, may be challenging, but also lead to good things. Because scientists investigate the mysteries of a disease they may discover a cure, or treatment. There are mysteries when it comes to our faith, and our walk with Jesus. We ask questions about God’s will and plan, and we try to discern why things happen, or don’t happen. People often wonder about the big events of our faith: “When will Jesus come again?” “Is God still at work in America?” “Will there be another great revival?”

Paul, the apostle, had some questions, and sought to understand some mysteries. In Romans, chapters 9-11, his questions are about his Jewish nation, and ancestors. He sought to explain, as best he could, why the very people who had been “chosen by God” were missing the very person God had sent to save them. He was puzzled that those who were not seeking God (non-Jews) were suddenly finding Jesus and being saved, while those who were searching for the Messiah could not, and would not believe in Him? God had made so many promises regarding the Jews that seemed to be failing to come true. Yet Paul did not believe God would dishonor His word. So in Romans 9-11, there are questions, some answers, some searching, and some conclusions. Here are some of the conclusions I am finding him to say:

  • He knows that some Jewish people will be saved, because they believe in Jesus. (Paul, Jesus’ disciples, book of Acts)
  • Some Jews will not be saved. They reject the message and refuse to believe in Jesus as their way of salvation.
  • Salvation is not that difficult to obtain: Confess with our mouth, and believe in our hearts that God raised Jesus from the dead.
  • Paul knows that because the Jews rejected the Gospel, the message has been taken to non-Jews all over the world.
  • Paul hopes that Jews (as a whole) will become jealous or desirous of the relationship that others have with God through Jesus, and will believe in Him too.
  • Still, Paul doesn’t see this happening, and does not know how it will come about, but trusts in God’s grace and power and wisdom to bring salvation to all nations – including the Jews.

We all have our spiritual mysteries. They may not be the same as Paul’s, but they are issues that weigh on our hearts and minds. There are questions that we just can’t seem to answer. But, Paul’s response is a good one for us to follow. At the end of Romans 11, he begins to worship and praise God. “Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!...To Him be the glory forever!”

So when you’re facing those life mysteries, that you just can’t find the answer to, or the reason why, I hope you will follow Paul’s example: Worship God! Worship His majesty, His power, and knowledge. Put your trust in the One who is able to bring about His great plan of salvation. After all, we “walk by faith, not by sight.”




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