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"Are You In Debt?"

The second part of Paul’s letter to the Romans (chapters 12-16) give instructions as to how we should live as believers in Jesus. But, I must never forget the first part of Romans – the part about God’s grace.
Chapter 12 (Romans part b) begins with therefore. “ “Therefore in view of God’s mercies…” Or, because of what Jesus has done and because we are saved by His amazing love, then these spiritual goals of Romans 12-16 should become our heart’s desires. Because we are saved by His amazing love therefore…love one another, and your enemies, and behave decently, and put on Christ.

Salvation will never be about how good I am, but about how good God is. My best attempts to honor Jesus by doing good are definitely feeble- Isaiah calls them “filthy rags.” (Isa. 64.6). Yet my feeble attempts are also a demonstration of my gratitude, they are my way of trying to show my appreciation for God’s amazing grace.

So yes, love must be sincere…and love must be given to enemies…and love and loyalty given to our governing authorities. These are to be our demonstrations of Jesus’ redeeming work in us. But, I will always owe a debt of love- to others...mostly to Jesus- because I will always need His grace, and His forgiveness. I will always be in his debt! I need to grow and get better, and become more like Jesus, but I will always need Him. I will always need forgiveness. I will never outgrow my need for His amazing grace. AND HE IS GRACIOUS

I can trust God to do some “beautiful things” despite my feebleness. A few weeks ago, I discovered a beautiful yet simple little thing. Out beyond my garden, is the burn pile. This is were I discard weeds, and the sticks and brush that accumulates in my yard. A couple of times a year (since I live in the country) I set fire to the burn pile. A few weeks ago, I discovered little petunias growing right beside the burn pile. They were pink, and purple, and white, and lovely. “Beauty from the ashes,” as is quoted so often. They probably sprung up from dried up flowers from last year?

Those little petunias remind me that God can take the things we discard, and the pieces that we think are worthless and create beauty. I may not know what He is doing in me and through me – but somehow He may just use the thing I deem worthless to bless someone else? God may take the seeds of things I long ago forgot about and grow them into blessings that bring joy and pleasure to someone else.

Paul challenges us with this admonition: “Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another…” There is one debt that should never be paid off…the debt of love I owe. We do owe a debt of love to Jesus- who showed us His lavish love when He died in our place and offered us His grace and salvation. BUT God doesn’t stop loving us after that one time. Love isn’t just a one-time thing. His steadfast love endures forever.

In the same way, the love we owe isn’t a one-time thing, but a continuing debt…never to be paid off. In love songs, we say it poetically...“til the river runs dry…til the end of time…til the sun stops shining. However we may express it, real love does not stop loving– even when the loving is tough.

Therefore, because of God’s amazing love for us, our goal and our response needs to be love for others. May Jesus’ love at work in us, give us the motivation to love one another!




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