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"Love Must Be Sincere"

We have heard from our new president about “fake news.” Here is one definition from Wikipedia. Fake news is a type of yellow journalism that consists of deliberate misinformation spread via traditional print and broadcast news media or online social media. Fake news is written and published with the intent to mislead in order to gain financially or politically.

How about “fake love?” Can you spot it? Have you ever experienced it? Have you ever been hurt by it? In Romans 12. 9, Paul tells us that “love must be sincere.” In the New Living Translation it says, “Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them.” Sometimes we hear news stories about a man or woman who is fooled by “fake love.” They trust that the person who claims to love them really does. So they sign over their life savings, or an insurance policy, only to discover that it was all a scam. Then they are left “broken hearted” and also ruined financially.
I wonder.

How might Christians be guilty of “fake love?” Are there times when we pretend to love our brothers and sisters in the church on Sundays, but totally forget about them the rest of the time? Are there times when we want to “look good” and “look like we care,” but we don’t really want to be bothered with any extra commitments, or obligations. Too often we are guilty of the hypocrisy of “fake love.” Paul gives us some examples of how to be sure our love is sincere. He says, “honor one another above yourselves.” He says, “to practice hospitality.” We are told to share with our spiritual brothers and sisters who are in need.

So real love isn’t necessarily easy to do. It may cost us money to “help our brother in need.” It may make us go out of our way to drive someone to the hospital, or pick them up for church, or run an errand. It may mean that we need to think about others more, and about ourselves less. That’s hard to do consistently! The greatest example of real love is Jesus. He loved enough to give up heaven and come to earth. He loved enough to sacrifice himself for our salvation. He loves us enough that he still loves to hear from us, and to bless us, and to answer prayers. And since Jesus loves us this much, our calling is to pay it forward, or pass it on.

Paul writes in Romans 12. 11, Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord (NLT). Thus, our sincere love is given, as our way of saying “thank you” to Jesus. I want to challenge you this month to let your love be sincere. Is there someone who is in need of genuine Christian love from you? Do they just need a friend? Are they needing a little time and attention?

I want to challenge you to step up and be obedient to God’s call. Listen for God’s direction, for Him to show you who needs your love. Then just do something! Show His love.




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