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ELIJAH IS ONE OF THE OUT-STANDING HERO’S OF THE BIBLE. Although there isn’t a book of Elijah (as there is for Jeremiah or Isaiah) he still a major character. In 1 Kings Chapter 17, Elijah arrives on the scene. Ahab is the king of the nation of Israel. The Bible tells us that after King David, his son Solomon reigned as king of the Jewish nation. But, after Solomon, under his son Rehoboam a civil war took place and the nation of Israel divided into two different kingdoms (Israel to the north; and Judah to the South).

Ahab was king of the northern kingdom of the Israelites. He followed a short line of kings who each led the people further from serving the True God, and towards the gods of the foreign nations around them. Ahab is seen as the worst of all of these kings because he married a foreign wife named Jezebel. She not only brought in her foreign worship but, was intent on replacing all worship of Jehovah, with the worship of Baals (false gods and goddess). She was ruthless in killing off the priests and leaders of the Jewish faith, and claimed that her gods were most powerful. They supposedly controlled things like weather, fertility, harvests, livestock reproduction, etc.

In 1 Kings Chapter 17, Elijah delivers a very clear message to Ahab, and to the northern kingdom. There is ONE true God who governs the rain and all of life…and it is NOT Baal! It is not kings on their thrones, or religious leaders dressed in their fancy robes and flashy clothes. Elijah boldly states, “I serve the One True God. “ The One TRUE GOD can make it rain - OR NOT RAIN. Then he says, (my paraphrase) “At my word it will not rain, or be wet with dew. Instead there will be a serious drought. “ Jezebel and Ahab believed that Baal controlled the weather, and the forces of nature. Elijah, took a stand to prove to Ahab, and the rebellious nation of Israel, who was the true God.

Elijah spoke to a very compromised culture which was following after things and teaching that were totally against what they had been taught by Moses, previous leaders, and their scriptures. We also live in a very compromised culture. The God we believe in is challenged, and ignored, and rejected. Our culture says “there isn’t one true God, maybe there even isn’t a God at all?” Our culture questions & doubts. How can you claim that there is only 1 way? How can you have the audacity to claim that you have the truth? As well as foreign religions, there are the baals (false gods) of our modern landscape. There’s the god of economy, the religion of sports, the false security of health, and beauty, and youth. The false baals of technology and entertainment captivate us for hours on end, as we browse the social media sites, or set our video recorder so as not to miss out on our favorite tv program. The false god of busyness makes us feel important when we are busy - we so love to feel important and needed. But then what happens when we’re too busy for church, for prayer, for reading the Bible?

ELIJAH’S MESSAGE TO AHAB - IS ALSO TO US…THERE IS ONE TRUE GOD! We need to hold-fast to Him! He is fully aware of those who are true To Him! He knows those who are faithful, and those who are willing stand firm against the false gods of our compromised culture. He can make it rain or dry in our lives too! Thus, the lesson from Elijah today challenges you and me to be discerning. Are you serving the One True God? Or are you making room in your life and heart for a few baals here and there? Is there ONE God in my life – or more than one? Is there a spiritual drought in your soul? Caused by a compromise with this godless culture? Is there hope in Christ for you?
Elijah’s Claim is still valid. THERE IS ONE TRUE GOD! HE IS ABLE TO PROVIDE! WILL YOU TRUST IN HIM? He can provide for his own, by the brook and by the creatures and forces of nature who are also under His domain, just as He did for Elijah. When the world around us has forced God’s hand - and we are surrounded by spiritual drought - God can still give life and hope. So, how about you? Do you worship the ONE TRUE GOD? How do you worship Him? How often...once every week or so, every day?

Think about your relationship with God. What and who are most important for you? If God brings drought, or flood, or economic disaster, or invasions of privacy via internet hackers, or any other devastation, to whom will you turn? If He is the One we will turn to, then why not do so now instead? May Elijah be a bold example to us, of what it means to live for our amazing God in this very compromised world!




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