In His Perfect Time, December 2021

But when the set time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those under the law, that we might receive adoption to sonship. (Galatians 4.4-5)

I recently read another book by J. Warner Wallace entitled, The Person of Interest. Wallace was a homicide detective for the city of Los Angeles, and investigated many cold cases to uncover the perpetrators of unsolved crimes. Using techniques that he would use for crime scene investigations, he set out to prove, or disprove who Jesus was without the use of the Bible. Was there enough evidence to prove that he actually lived? Did his search through the other sources of that era prove or disprove what the Bible says about Jesus? Is there enough evidence to know more about this Jesus? – The Person of Interest. Could He really be who His followers say he is?- God? Warner came to believe the truth about Jesus, from his own digging.

One of the findings he discovered was the timing of Jesus’ coming. Do you remember when Jesus was born? Luke says, “In the days of Caesar Augustus…” Jesus was born in an era called “Pax Romana.” There was a period when middle east fighting, and wars, and the ravaging of Palestine ceased for awhile. The armies of Rome were so dominating that the smaller nations ceased from their fighting and wars with their neighbors. Herod was one of the rulers of Palestine, but un- der the authority of Caesar Augustus.

The Romans were also known for developing a system of roads for their armies to use. They were not interstate highways, and yet these roads which led from one major city to another made it possible for the message of Jesus to be shared across the Roman world. Paul the Apostle, traveled them. He also went via ship, across the Mediterranean Sea, which was protected by the Roman government.

Before the Romans gained control of this part of the world, the armies of Greece, under the leadership of Alexander the Great, were dominant. One of the rules that they tried to impose on people of that time was that everyone under subjection would adopt Greek culture, and their language. Thus, in Jesus’ day people were still speaking a common form of Greek called “koine.” The New Testament letters, and Gospels were written in Greek.

Did God have a hand in orchestrating all of these major factors so that when Jesus appeared, his message of salvation could be told across the known world, and written in a common language? I think so! And so does J Warner Wallace. Paul the Apostle says so too. “When the fullness of the time had come…” At just the right time in history! There are some other amazing discoveries. Jesus’ fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecy in Daniel 12, the persecution of Jesus’ Church which caused the spreading of the Gospel from Judea to nations all around the world, Jesus’ fulfillment of other prophecies. How much evidence is needed to convince people that something is true? Some will refuse to believe despite the mounds of proof.

This Christmas season, those who believe in Jesus have an amazing reason to celebrate! The God who created this universe, and who gave us life as well, is able to orchestrate major events that will impact the world! Do you think He can order the events of your life too? What about the events of our country? There are crazy things happening in our government, and our nation. Is God working?

I believe He will be at work you your life and mine– if we ask Him. Why will he do this? He loves us with an everlasting love. If your gifts and packages don’t arrive on time– remember this…God does! He will come at just the perfect time!

God Bless,

Pastor Mark