What Is Your Spiritual Gift? October 2023

What is your spiritual gift?

There are many abilities or qualities described as spiritual gifts, gifts of the Holy Spirit, in Scripture. As a result, we do not have a single authoritative list and we should expect that some gifts may not be listed either. Here is a sample list (and my own two-cent description) taken from a couple places in The New Testament. .

Apostle – desire and will to go to lost sheep, unchurch, unbelievers to evangelize or invite

Prophet – speak God’s word for spiritual change or affirmation

Teacher – teach God’s word for truth and application

Healer – mends broken parts of people through skill and prayer

Helpers – joins others to get ministry accomplished

Administrator – a manager, recorder, organizer of information or programs

Tongues – speak God’s word in other languages

Evangelists – speak the Gospel to non-believers

Miracles – effectual prayer warrior

Service – joyfully labor at important tasks

Encouragers – speak a supportive and uplifting word

Leaders – rally others to accomplish the work of God

Knowledge/Wisdom – speak information and life-truths that promote a strong faith

Mercy – promoting forgiveness and grace in the face of justice or injustice

Giving – joyfully contributing to the work of God

Faith – trust in God when one cannot see with certainty

I would encourage you to consider what could be your gifts, your top three or so.

For many Christians, finding a way to serve in the church and community is challenging. Even if there are many opportunities, we do not always advertise them well or easily include new helpers who want to get started. Using your spiritual gift often includes changing your schedule and being consistent in some- thing new and we all know how hard it is to try to make even small changes.

So let me make a few suggestions when starting a new work for Christ…
First, choose something you enjoy or someone you love. If you would enjoy working with teens, the poor, the elderly, etc… then that may give you a direction. If you already have a friend or family member who could be ministered to, would you be able to expand that to include a few others. For example… you’re already going to a nursing home to visit someone, could you visit a few others? If your kids or grandkids go to Kids’ Club would they invite a friend? If you have a neighbor who goes to the foodbank, would you consider helping there and serving others too.

Second, find a mentor. Ask someone who already loves the ministry in which you are interested if they will tell you about it, show you how to do it, and work alongside you for at least a few rounds. (Also, if you are a successful and committed user of a spiritual gift, you need to have a person you are training and preparing to expand God’s work and replace yourself as needed.) No one is successful using any gift without a mentor to mold and shape their work.

Lastly, let me know about your list of spiritual gifts. I can help you get plugged in and make connections. And furthermore, it helps me know how God is leading you and working in your life.

Finally let me add… It goes by many names – service, ministry, mission, outreach – but it is the active side of a Christian’s life. Paul says the Holy Spirit’s gifts are a “manifestation”, meaning they are how the Holy Spirit expresses and makes visible his presence and work in the Christian and the Church. They are the “activity” of the Spirit of God and without them the Holy Spirit is silent, invisible, and unrecognizable. If you don’t know, understand, or use your gift, both we and you are missing out on a wonderful blessing, a fully-functioning, fully-active body of Christ.

I would love to have a list of every attender’s spiritual gifts.

God Bless,

Pastor Dave